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Two new episodes of the Ikeda Center podcast are now available for listening. The first episode features peace activist and New York City public school educator Matt Meyer in part two of a discussion of peace as a classroom practice. In it, he says: “If you go in with respect, with the truth, with your own honest self, no matter what you teach, you will most likely get it back from at least the vast majority of students you're teaching. And to me that says a lot, not just about how to become a good teacher, but how to become a good organizer and a good person.” 

The Ikeda Center promotes the humanistic education philosophy and model called Soka, or value-creating, education. First developed by Tsunesaburo Makiguchi in Japan in the first half of the 20th century, Soka education resonates both with Buddhist humanism and humanistic education in the tradition of John Dewey. Soka education is an emerging field of study in the United States and abroad. To serve as an introduction and to further research we created an annotated bibiography of sources exploring multiple dimensions of this important educational movement. You can view the newly updated...

Ann Diller

The year 2016 marks the anniversaries of two publications important to the Ikeda Center. One hundred years ago, in 1916, John Dewey published his landmark book Democracy and Education. And twenty years ago, in June 1996, Center founder Daisaku Ikeda delivered an address at Teachers College, Columbia University, called “Thoughts on Education for Global Citizenship.” On June 17 the Center held a panel discussion featuring top education scholars who explored core themes from these works and explained why humanistic education, as it has developed over the last century, is so well...

Daisaku Ikeda

The goal of education for global citizenship is steadily on the rise. This is a welcome development, one that inspires hope for the fate of our world. Universities have been taking the lead in this effort for a number of years now. For example, Northeastern University (with whom we partner in their student Cooperative Education program), decribes itself as "a leader in global experiential education," with most of its students spending a semester overseas working for an NGO. K-12 schools also emphasize increasing global awareness, often through environmental- or civic-related projects that...


Living as Learning:
The Humanistic Challenge to Contemporary Education  

Friday, June 17th
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Reception at 6:00pm

Please RSVP here for this free event!

On Friday, June 17th, we will host a timely panel discussion exploring key challenges and...

Ikeda and Weizsacker


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Knowing Our Worth:
Conversations on Energy and Sustainability

by Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker and Daisaku Ikeda

What is to be done? No challenge summons this question more urgently than the global challenge of transitioning to clean, efficient, and renewable energy...

USF audience

As much as we want to "increase the peace," sometimes we also want to "increase the confrontation." This comment by educator, author, and activist Matt Meyer captured the tone of the recent panel discussion "Glimmers of Hope: Peace Education Around the Globe," co-sponsored by the Ikeda Center and the University of San Francisco (USF) School of Education. Joining Mr. Meyer on the panel were Monisha Bajaj of USF, Maria Hantzopoulos of Vassar College, and Tetsushi Ogata of the University of California, Berkeley. The event was moderated by USF doctoral student in education Mahi Takazawa. The...

Harvey Cox

New, from the Ikeda Center archives: Masao Yokota's 2010 interview with esteemed Harvard theologian Harvey Cox on "the future of faith." During their conversation Cox and Yokota discuss how faith is the opposite of fear, why the "age of spirit" is non-hierarchical, and why transformative creativity thrives at the margins of society. Posted 2-18-16.

Read the interview

Meenakshi Chhabra

Newly posted at the Soka Gakkai International website is an article by the Center's Mitch Bogen called "The Practice of Dignity," which looks at ways the 2015 Ikeda Forum provides a window into the ethos, work, and history of the Ikeda Center. With it's focus on dignity, writes Bogen, the 2015 forum got right to the heart of our work:

"The theme of dignity grounds the Ikeda Center’s vision statement, which was created based on Mr. Ikeda’s written messages to the center commemorating important milestones. The opening of the statement reads, 'The Ikeda...

Ikeda at desk

This news summary is from the Daisaku Ikeda website:

In his annual peace proposal to the United Nations released on January 26, 2016, "Universal Respect for Human Dignity: The Great Path to Peace," Daisaku Ikeda, fouder of the Ikeda Center and president of the Soka Gakkai International, calls for intensified efforts to respond to the needs of humanity's most vulnerable, including those displaced by conflict in Syria and elsewhere or by natural disasters.

Mr. Ikeda welcomes the adoption of the UN's new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their ambitious aim of...


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