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Donna Hicks

Author Donna Hicks spoke on the topic of dignity in early 2015. Read more

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Sarah Wider

Sarah Wider spoke about the publication of The Art of True Relations. Learn about our books


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Here is our new video (Aug. '14) introducing the mission, vision, and activities of the Ikeda Center. Many of the speakers in this clip are featured in the Thinkers & Themes section of our website. Please share with your friends!



“Be the heart of a network of global citizens
Be a bridge for dialogue between civilizations
Be a beacon lighting the way to a century of life”

~ Daisaku Ikeda


The Ikeda Center is an institute for peace, learning, and dialogue located in Cambridge, Mass. Since 1993, we have been engaging diverse scholars, activists, and social innovators in the search for the ideas and solutions that will assist in the peaceful evolution of humanity.
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What's New?

This new feature, launched November 2015, combines photographic portraits with brief reflections from each portrait subject on themes and ideas relating to our core convictions. These profiles, which feature friends of the Ikeda Center, are posted regularly to our social media sites and are archived here by topic, for cumulative viewing. The first set of profiles addresses the topic of dignity.

Gail Thomas

We just posted our in-depth article on this year's Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue, "The Practice of Dignity: What It Looks Like Today," held on October 24. During the engaging four-hour discussion, Meenakshi Chhabra looked at dialogue and dignity, Gail Thomas offered a personal call to action, and Peter Stearns looked at dignity in relation to US foreign policy.

Chhabra at Ikeda Forum

Click to view our photo gallery of the 2015 Ikeda Forum, called "The Practice of Dignity: What It Means Today." It was a tremendous afternoon of dialogue and exploration.

Our thanks to everyone who participated in or watched online our 2015 Ikeda Forum on "The Practice of Dignity." It was a great afternoon. Please check back soon for a photo gallery and feature story on the event!

We've added podcasts and Instagram to our media offerings! Our first podcast features an interview with the late Vincent Harding. Click through for links to these new features.