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Our signature event is the annual Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue. Read more

Fitzduff speaking at 2014 Ikeda Forum

The 2014 Ikeda Forum focused on the topic, "Dignity of Life." Read more

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Emi Inaba performed with Eriel Huang at our 20th Anniversary celebration in 2013. Read more


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A steadfast commitment to dialogue is first among our core convictions. Read more

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Here is our new video (Aug. '14) introducing the mission, vision, and activities of the Ikeda Center. Many of the speakers in this clip are featured in the Thinkers & Themes section of our website. Please share with your friends!



“Be the heart of a network of global citizens
Be a bridge for dialogue between civilizations
Be a beacon lighting the way to a century of life”

~ Daisaku Ikeda


The Ikeda Center is an institute for peace, learning, and dialogue located in Cambridge, Mass. Since 1993, we have been engaging diverse scholars, activists, and social innovators in the search for the ideas and solutions that will assist in the peaceful evolution of humanity.
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What's New?

Not long ago we created a new way to search for events articles. If you go to our Themes section you will find a page that provides links to all our event stories, listed chronologically. You can click here to be directed to this page. We also have a special section devoted to coverage of our annual Ikeda Forum, which you can find on the top navigation bar.

To keep your passion for your work fresh and alive, it's good practice to return periodically to your starting point, the source of your original motivation. Here at the Ikeda Center, we consider Daisaku Ikeda's 1993 Harvard University address, "Mahayana Buddhism and 21st Century Civilization," to be our "founding lecture." Click to read a full transcript.

Steven Rockefeller

As a follow up to our recent work on human dignity, we're spotlighting Steven Rockefeller's opening lecture at the 2009 Ikeda Forum. In it, Dr. Rockefeller identified dignity as one of the values that unites the humanistic philosophies of Center founder Daisaku Ikeda and American philosopher John Dewey. Click to read more.

In this new addition to our recent video series on dignity, Meenakshi Chhabra of Lesley University recounts how she came to understand—deeply and personally—the truth of dignity as part of the "primordial roots" of all life.

Larry Hickman

A new piece at the Southern Illinois University website profiles Center friend Larry Hickman and his work promoting cross-cultural understanding. As a nice plus, it devotes considerable attention to our newest Dialogue Path Press title, "Living As Learning: John Dewey in the 21st Century," which Dr. Hickman recently co-authored with Jim Garrison and Daisaku Ikeda. Speaking of "Living As Learning," the article asserts: "At a time when the world is witness to horrific instances of human cruelty, the present volume contends that merely teaching tolerance is not enough." Click to read more.