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Ikeda Forum Panel

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Donna Hicks

Author Donna Hicks spoke on the topic of dignity in early 2015. Read more

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Sarah Wider

Sarah Wider spoke about the publication of The Art of True Relations. Learn about our books


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Here is our new video (Aug. '14) introducing the mission, vision, and activities of the Ikeda Center. Many of the speakers in this clip are featured in the Thinkers & Themes section of our website. Please share with your friends!



“Be the heart of a network of global citizens
Be a bridge for dialogue between civilizations
Be a beacon lighting the way to a century of life”

~ Daisaku Ikeda


The Ikeda Center is an institute for peace, learning, and dialogue located in Cambridge, Mass. Since 1993, we have been engaging diverse scholars, activists, and social innovators in the search for the ideas and solutions that will assist in the peaceful evolution of humanity.
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What's New?

Ikeda at desk

In his annual peace proposal to the United Nations released on January 26, 2016, "Universal Respect for Human Dignity: The Great Path to Peace," Center founder Daisaku Ikeda calls for intensified efforts to respond to the needs of humanity's most vulnerable, including those displaced by conflict in Syria and elsewhere or by natural disasters.

Ceasar McDowell

We are pleased to make Part 2 of our podcast with M.I.T.'s Ceasar McDowell available for listening. Here, he explores the aspirational qualities of what he calls Big Democracy. Dr. McDowell's insights are accessible, provocative, and inspiring. Click to listen.

To celebrate Martin Luther King Day we are posting reflections from historian Vincent Harding on a man he called his brother and friend. Dr. Harding's thoughts on King's values and motivations are subtle and powerful. Click to read.

We are excited to share this new audio recording of Sachiko Murata's "Kyo-Sen, Striving Together Side By Side." She composed this song and performed it, with trio, at our 2015 Ikeda Forum, "The Practice of Dignity." For this studio version of the song, Sachiko plays piano and oboe, and Daniel Kurganov plays violin.

Our world is tragically divided, and we need dialogue. On these things, we in the peace-oriented community agree. But what kind of dialogue is up to the challenge of bridging the various divisions in our world? That was the question that guided a seminar held at the Ikeda Center in 2009 to honor the publication of social anthropologist Nur Yalman's book-length dialogue with Daisaku Ikeda, "A Passage To Peace." The discussion, which included colleagues of Professor Yalman from the Harvard faculty, remains relevant in these turbulent days. Click for more.