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Vincent Harding

At the urging of featured speaker Vincent Harding, the tenth annual Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue, held on November 9, 2013, in Cambridge, became not just a forum devoted to dialogue but also a laboratory devoted to the cultivation of dreams—dreams of freedom and democracy to be precise. The forum, the third in which Dr. Harding has participated*, was called “We the People: Who Are We and What Is Our Work?”

Professor Harding is Chairperson, the Veterans of Hope Project, and Professor Emeritus of Religion and Social Transformation at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver....

In Memory of Nelson Mandela (1918–2013)

By Daisaku Ikeda

I extend my heartfelt condolences upon the passing of former South African President Nelson Mandela. Mr. Mandela was a lion of humanitarian causes and human rights who inspired hope and courage in the hearts of those around the world victimized by conflict, racism, and injustice. His smile was like a refreshing spring breeze. To know that I will never see that smile again fills my heart with grief. I am convinced that his unwavering and passionate stance calling for a world that...

IF13 speaker

On Saturday, November 9th, we celebrated our 10th annual Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue, which featured a public dialogue with Vincent Harding. Toward the end of the event, Dr. Harding said: “Don’t be afraid of dreams," because, "the capacity to dream is an absolutely human capacity." Most of all, “don’t let anybody push us so far down that we are unwilling or unable to dream—for ourselves and for our neighbors.” Our heartfelt thanks to all who attended and shared their dreams of peace, freedom, and democracy. Shown here: one of day's many dreamers. Check back soon for an article...

IF13 diakogue

On Saturday, November 9th, we celebrated our 10th annual Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue, which featured a public dialogue with Dr. Vincent Harding. Our heartfelt thanks to all who attended and helped us "hold fast to dreams." We'll post an article on the event soon. For now (Monday the 18th), you can view a photo gallery at our Facebook page.

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Vincent Harding

A good way to prepare for our 2013 Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue is to engage with some of the ideas that this year's featured speaker, Dr. Vincent Harding, has shared with us in the past. For example, in a 1996 interview with the Center's Amy Morgante, Professor Harding said that "part of Dr. King's concern was to move us away from an environment in which we believed violence was necessary for change. If your goal is to find alternatives to violence, then you can’t build violence into your process of change. If you do, that makes the results cosmetic, since you're not really...

GMU Insignia

George Mason University (GMU) outside of Washington D.C. in Fairfax, Virginia, is an educational institution with a strong presence of currently active military service men and women, as well as veterans of the U.S. armed services. This made it an ideal venue for the Center’s most recent seminar, held October 17, 2013, and co-sponsored with GMU, which explored the theme, “Global Citizenship and Cultural Assumptions About Peace and the Military.”

In brief introductory remarks, Center director Richard Yoshimachi explained that the seminar’s purpose was to “bring the thoughts of...

Nel Noddings

Nel Noddings is Lee L. Jacks Professor of Education, Emerita, at Stanford University, and past president of the National Academy of Education, the Philosophy of Education Society, and the John Dewey Society. Known for her work on the ethics of care, her many books include Caring: A Feminine Approach to Ethics and Moral Education. A former public school mathematics teacher and a mother of ten, Dr. Noddings’ work is grounded in richly lived experience.

She talked with Ikeda Center publications associate Mitch Bogen in July 2013 about her...

Building Post

In his 20th Anniversary message, Daisaku Ikeda said: "Whatever country we hail from or interests we represent, in the end we are all human. We are comrades together confronting the universal human experiences of birth, aging, sickness and death. Our lives are like precious gems bearing within them an indomitable force for good. We were all born of mothers whose deepest desire is for peace. When we unclench hearts closed like fists, and listen and speak with honesty and integrity, we can discover the shared resonance of our souls. When we open ourselves to learn from our differences, we...

Daisaku Ikeda

Be the heart of a network of global citizens, a bridge for dialogue between civilizations, and a beacon lighting the way to a century of life! This was the vision Daisaku Ikeda offered to guide the work of the Boston Research Center for the 21st Century (now the Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning, and Dialogue), soon after he founded it in September 1993. Twenty years later, on Saturday, September 28, the Center hosted a celebratory gathering of many of the scholars and friends who have helped to realize Mr. Ikeda’s vision over the course of the last two decades.


Richard Yoshimachi

Please visit our photo gallery of our 20th Anniversary celebration, held at the Ikeda Center in Cambridge on Saturday, September 28, 2013. This gallery includes images from the pre-program refreshment period, the two hour program of talks, performance, and discussion, and the post-program reception at the Harvard Faculty Club. Space does not allow for photos of all our guests, staff, and vounteers, but we hope that the images included here convey the spirit of peace and fellowship that defined the day.

View the photo gallery here...


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