Shaping a New Society

Conversations on Economics, Education, and Peace

By Lawrence J. Lau and Daisaku Ikeda

Dialogue Path Press, September 2017
ISBN: 978-1-887917-18-6
$12.95 USA/$14.95 CANADA


Shaping a New Society, an extended dialogue between Lawrence J. Lau and Daisaku Ikeda, is a lucid examination of the components of a peaceful, flourishing twenty-first century world. The book opens with an exploration of the financial challenges and opportunities of our time, including close analysis of lessons to be learned from the 2008 financial crisis and keys for shared prosperity across East Asia. These discussions are rounded out by conversations focused on the attributes of successful humanistic higher education, a topic of intimate knowledge and concern for both authors. At the heart of the dialogue is the conviction that success and prosperity cannot be considered apart from the educational systems that mold our citizens.

Advance Praise

These conversations between two distinguished educators offer a host of interesting insights. Topics range widely, including prospects for Japan, China, and Hong Kong and reflections on the global economy and how it can more fully succeed for the world’s populations. What shines through most vividly is a commitment to the value of humane education and an eagerness to explore what this entails amid the many challenges of the contemporary world.
—Peter Stearns, Provost Emeritus and University Professor, George Mason University

Shaping a New Society captures an insightful dialogue between two respected thought leaders, who interweave a cogent discussion of economics with a shared vision for a humanistic education. Organized around eight conversations, the discussion examines a wide range of issues that are at once historical and contemporary, backward and forward looking, and that tie together personal introspection with a far-reaching concern for society. Ikeda and Lau ground their exchange in wisdom that comes from scholarship, experience, and faith, to deliver with humility their hopes for a more prosperous, peaceful, and joyous world.
—Zeena Zakharia, Assistant Professor of International and Comparative Education, University of Massachusetts Boston


Lawrence J. Lau and Daisaku Ikeda



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