Peacebuilding Through Dialogue

Education, Human Transformation, and Conflict Resolution

Edited by Peter N. Stearns

Published by George Mason University Press in collaboration with the Ikeda Center, Forthcoming December 2018
ISBN : 978-1-942695-11-0 (trade paper)
ISBN : 978-1-942695-12-7 (ebook)

Available December 1, 2018!

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Peacebuilding Through Dialogue is an invitation to scholars, students, and engaged citizens to discover the power and versatility of dialogue as a peacebuilding practice. Edited by Peter Stearns, the book features thirteen authors considering dialogue in the context of teaching and learning; dialogue as part of personal and interpersonal growth; and dialogue in conflict resolution and other situations of great change. With its expansive approach, the book makes original and invaluable contributions to peace studies, civic studies, education studies, organizational studies, conflict resolution studies, and dignity studies.

Peter N. Stearns is University Professor and Provost Emeritus at
George Mason University

Advance Praise

“This vibrant, insightful volume sheds new light on dialogue processes that serve as the DNA of peacebuilding and help bridge the chasms of deeply divided societies. The book is especially groundbreaking in its focus on the links between ‘inner peace,’ including dynamics such as compassion and dignity, and broad social change. It is this constant interplay between transformation of the self and transformation of society that gives dialogue its tensile strength, and the authors capture these dynamics compellingly. In an increasingly polarized world, this book offers hope and a reflection on how we can change society, and ourselves.”
Melanie Greenberg, Managing Director for Peacebuilding, Humanity United; former Chief Executive Officer, the Alliance for Peacebuilding

“This set of chapters on the use of dialogue in peacebuilding is powerfully informative and beautifully written. Engaging in dialogue is challenging work, and this fine book provides substantial help.”
Nel Noddings, Lee L. Jacks Professor of Education, Emerita, at Stanford University; author, Caring: A Feminine Approach to Ethics and Moral Education


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