Into Full Flower

Making Peace Cultures Happen

By Elise Boulding and Daisaku Ikeda
Dialogue Path Press, February 2010
ISBN 978-1-887917-08-7 / $12.95 USA
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Elise Boulding, an American Quaker, and Daisaku Ikeda, a Japanese Buddhist, began their journeys in peace building from vastly divergent locales and traditions. However, as the fifteen intimate conversations of Into Full Flower: Making Peace Cultures Happen reveal, shared wisdom grows from an unwavering commitment to a better world. Throughout the book, the authors explore the dynamic qualities of peace cultures, including:

  • peace building as a continuum — from the family to global institutions
  • the valuing of women’s contributions at all levels of society
  • education as a holistic, lifelong process
  • celebration of interdependence and a rejection of win-lose mindsets
  • faith in our capacity to build on already existing examples of peace cultures

Elise Boulding is Professor of Sociology Emerita, Dartmouth College, where she developed the nation's first peace studies program.

Daisaku Ikeda is President of Soka Gakkai International, a lay Buddhist organization with 12 million members worldwide.

Advance Praise

“Into Full Flower is a wonderful encapsulation of so much of what is important and necessary to transform our present war culture into one of peace, sustainability, and hope.” ... read more
Mary Lee Morrison, author of Elise Boulding: A Life in the Cause of Peace

“The authors share a profound commitment to peace and human welfare, to diversity and world citizenship, to open listening and dialogue, and to envisioning and building a better future.” ... read more
Herbert Kelman, Richard Clarke Cabot Professor of Social Ethics, Emeritus, Harvard University

"Boulding and Ikeda encourage us to rethink our own priorities and to consider alternatives that are more social, peaceful, just, and fun.” ... read more
Paul Joseph, Professor of Sociology, and Director, Peace and Justice Studies Program, Tufts University

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