Peace Proposal Reflections

In 2017 we launched a new section devoted to reflections on Daisaku Ikeda's peace proposals. Featuring contributions from scholar-friends, the first group focuses largely on key themes from the 2017 peace proposal, looking at issues surrounding nuclear weapons abolition, human rights and youth dialogue, and global citizenship education.

Betty Reardon: An Experiment in Alternative Thinking About Global Issues

Over the course of the spring/summer of 2017, the Ikeda Center worked with feminist peace educator and civil society activist Betty Reardon to plan a two-part seminar series for Boston-area university students. This essay shares the purposes guiding the learning experience.
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Peter Stearns: Youth and Human Rights - New Conversations

Peter Stearns is Provost Emeritus and University Professor at George Mason University. Here, he looks at chllenges and opportunities for creating stuctures for global dialogue among youth about their human rights concerns.
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Stephen Gould: Toward Global Citizenship

Director of the Educational Leadership program at Lesley University, Dr. Gould was inspired by the 2017 proposal to offer this "call to action" in which he outlines concrete steps that educators need to take to make education for global citizenship the norm rather than the exception in the US.
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