Interdependence Profiles

The Ikeda Center's seventh core conviction reads: Awareness of interdependence forms the crux of the 21st century worldview. In this section, friends of the Center will offer reflections on the multiple dimensions of this idea.

Lizzy Buechel

Lizzy Buechel

"The rise and development of globalization has highlighted a tangible element of interdependence in our world. I use the word tangible because I believe that interconnection between us can often be a quiet, unseen, or unrealized phenomenon, yet effects us all. A quote from the Ikeda Center’s core convictions explains the doctrine of dependent origination, holding that 'no beings or phenomena exist on their own; they exist or occur because of their relationship with other beings and phenomena.' Relationships — with friends, family, coworkers or classmates, strangers and loves — are what enrich my life. In virtually all of my spare time, I strive to be in the presence of these connections. I feel when they are sad, or happy, anxious or excited, and my own mood often adjusts accordingly. These aspects of interdependence, perhaps considered small or intangible by some, are in my opinion what keep life interesting and worth experiencing. For example, personal success and achievement, I find, means little when I’m unable to share it with someone. Life lessons and inspiration — an integral part of my progress as a person — almost always result from my interactions with others. The opportunity to make a stranger smile, without fail, makes my day. Interdependence, as depicted in the quote above, has global implications much grander than a smile from a stranger. However, the idea that I am not alone, but instead connected- even if only by the human experience- to a world of other beings like me, makes life, in all of its glory and hardships, that much more meaningful."

- Lizzy is our Administrative and Special Events Assistant for Spring 2017. She is a fourth year student at Northeastern University, where she studies international relations. She has a special interest in locally-based human rights work.

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