Dialogue Profiles

The Ikeda Center's first core conviction reads: Dialogue and mutual understanding and needed more now than ever. In this section, friends of the Center will offer reflections on the multiple dimensions of this idea.

Alex Cestone

Alex Cestone

"I resonate deeply with the Center's conviction that dialogue and mutual understanding are inseparable, and needed now more than ever.  I see the effects of dialogue every day and in each interaction I have with others. Though I may disagree with another person’s beliefs or preferences, if I can understand the background behind their thoughts and feelings, I can try to appreciate the value that those beliefs hold to them and therefore be more compassionate and empathetic toward them. The better we understand one another, the more capable we will be to have productive and meaningful conversations and to learn from one another’s experiences and values."

- Alex is our Administrative and Special Events Assistant for Fall 2016. She is a student at Northeastern University, where she is pursuing a degree in Political Science and Business. She is motivated by her passion for social justice, mutual understanding, and peace and is inspired by her colleagues and fellow students.

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