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This page presents all the essays and articles gathered in our Themes section. Categories include American Renaissance, Community, Dialogue, Dignity, Environmental & Global Ethics, Humanistic Philosophy & Education, Peace Cultures, Restorative Justice, Social & Economic Justice, Understanding Death, and Women's Leadership for Peace.


Walden and Beyond

Talking Back to Whitman: Poetry Matters

Emerson and the Power of Imagination

Creating Waldens Event: In Dialogue with Self, Nature, and Others

Reflections on Thoreau's Relentless Self-Invention

Ikeda on Nichiren & Transcendentalism


Making the World: An Interview with Sayra Pinto

Building Community: A Conversation with Ceasar McDowell

What Is Community, and Why Is It Important?


Ikeda's Four Foundations of Dialogue

2019 Ikeda Forum: Can Dialogue Save the World?

Ikeda's Dialogue Ethos and Strategies

Dialogue Nights: The Art and Practice of Dialogue

Dialogue and True Words of the Heart

The Art of Classroom Dialogue

GMU Peacebuilding Through Dialogue Book Launch: Human Connection Is Key

Dialogue and Mutual Understanding: Three Perspectives

The Role of Literature In Times Of Division

Ceasar McDowell: The Power of Raised Voices

Dialogue in a Divided World

Garrison & Hickman: A Multiplicity of Dialogues

Quotes on Dialogue from Ikeda and Others

Dialogue Quotes from DPP Books


Dignity Re-examined

Dignity In Displacement

2015 Ikeda Forum: The Practice of Dignity

2014 Ikeda Forum: Dignity of Life

Donna Hicks event: The Power of Dignity

Donna Hicks interview: "Dignity Is the Last Stop"

Taking Dignity Digital

Videos: What Is Dignity?


Ben Ferencz: Law Not War!

Our World To Make book launch with Ved Nanda

Crossing Borders: Seminar with Chhabra and Kew

Benyus Lecture Looks to the Wisdom of Nature

Ethics & the Earth Charter: A Conversation with Steven Rockefeller

Re-imaging Self, Other, & the Natural World, Part 1

Re-imaging Self, Other, & the Natural World, Part 2

Revisiting "The Age of Soft Power"

Religious Pluralism and Transformative Education


Ikeda's Seven Dimensions of Hope

Personal Visions of Hope

Hope and Joy in Education Book Launch

Seeing and Cultivating: The Way of Hope and Joy


Can Education Be Joyful?

Growing Peace: Gandhi, Montessori, and What It Means To Begin With the Children

Toward Global Citizenship

John Dewey, Daisaku Ikeda, & the Quest for a New Humanism

Humanistic Education: Beyond the Traditional/Progressive Divide

Re-imagining the Purposes of Education in Our Time

Active Education, Active Democracy: Du Bois, Makiguchi, and Montessori

Addressing Matters of Consequence

Education and Human Possibilities

The Lasting Legacy of John Dewey

Developing Dispositions for Democracy

Education and the Greater Self

Focusing on What's Right With Us

Education and Human Possibilities


Students Lead Nuclear Abolition Peace Dialogue

Student Seminar on Nuclear Abolition, Part 1

Student Seminar, Part 2

Betty Reardon: An Experiment in Alternative Thinking About Global Issues

Ten Aspects of Ikeda's Nuclear Disarmament Framework

Nuclear Abolition Resource Guide


The Poetic Heart of Human Possibility

Nagler & Lappe: Challenging Assumptions, Empowering Peace

Nonviolence As Civic Virtue

Peace Culture: Living with Difference

The Beauty and Strength of Peace Building

Into Full Flower Book Launch

Examing Assumptions About Peace and the Military

Creativity, Peace Building, and Education

Somavia: Living Up to Our Principles

The Personal Is Social

A Beautiful Fulfillment: A Tribute to Elise Boulding by Virginia Benson


An Introduction to Restorative Justice

Redefining Justice

Resolving Conflicts and Restoring Communities

Compassion & Social Healing

Exploring the Healing Paradigm


Social Justice in the 21st Century: What's It Going to Take?

Globalization and the New 'Corpocracy'

Beyond Consumerism: Constructing a Transformative Politics

Vincent Harding: The Complexity of Nonviolent Social Change


Learning to Learn About Death

How Our Experiences with Death Change Us

Preparing for Death by Fostering Connections with Others

Death and Life in the Mahayana Buddhist Tradition

Year-end Reflections: A Fear to be Overcome

Vincent Harding: Mortality and Love's Continuity


Women As Peacemakers: A Relational Perspective

Gloria White-Hammond: I Am My Sister's Keeper

Women and the Power of Friendship

Women Leaders Review the Earth Charter

Dessima Williams: Women's Leadership Is Everywhere

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