THEMES: Restorative Justice

In a 2003 seminar series, the Center brought together thinkers and activists to explore creative alternatives to our dominant model of retributive justice.

An Introduction to Restorative Justice

"When we listen to victims and examine their search for healing and wholeness," writes Carolyn Boyes-Watson, we see "that the meaning of justice is far more complex than mere punishment of the offender."
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Redefining Justice

This in-depth interview with Carolyn Boyes-Watson takes a look at the history of restorative justice as well as the diverse ways it is being promoted and implemented in contemporary society.
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Resolving Conflicts and Restoring Communities

Whether one is working at an international level and at the level of local community, agree Donna Hicks and Saroeum Phoung in this 2003 interview, relationships must be established before any healing can occur.
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Compassion & Social Healing

How is compassion different than empathy? Is forgiveness necessary to social healing? Judith Thompson, co-director of the Social Healing Project, tackles these questions and more in this 2003 interview.
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Exploring the Healing Paradigm

Patti Marxsen sits down with Robin Casarjian and Judith Thompson to discuss the power of healing, and how it might better address the root causes of injustice.
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