Reflections on the Power of Dialogue

Late 2018 saw the publication of our newest title, Peacebuilding Through Dialogue: Education, Human Transformation, and Conflict Resolution. Developed by the Ikeda Center and published by George Mason University Press, the volume features more than a dozen scholars and practitioners exploring the contemporary practice and promise of dialogue in a wide range of settings, from the classroom to international conflict negotiations. The book was edited by Peter N. Stearns, who also contributes an introduction and a conclusion. Daisaku Ikeda provides the Foreword. These reflections are in the form of brief excerpts from each chapter.

Daisaku Ikeda
Excerpt from the Foreword

Peter Stearns
Excerpt from the Introduction

Steven D. Cohen
Excerpt from Chapter One:
"Identity, Race, and Classroom Dialogue"

Bradley Siegel and William Gaudelli
Excerpt from Chapter Two:
"Listening and Dialogue in Educators' Reflective Practice"

Jason Goulah
Excerpt from Chapter Three:
"The Presence and Role of Dialogue in Soka Education"

Monisha Bajaj and Ion Vlad
Excerpt from Chapter Four:
"Dialogue and Agency: Educating for Peace and Social Change"

Bernice Lerner
Excerpt from Chapter Five:
"Compassion in Dialogue"

Olivier Urbain
Excerpt from Chapter Six:
"Bringing Out the Best in Oneself and Others: The Role of Dialogue in
Daisaku Ikeda's Peacebuilding Practice"

Meenakshi Chhabra
Excerpt from Chapter Seven:
"The WISE Model and the Role of Self As Observer in Genuine Dialogue"

Gonzalo Obelleiro
Excerpt from Chapter Eight:
"Values, Dissonance, and the Creation of Shared Meaning"

Donna Hicks
Excerpt from Chapter Nine:
"Dignity Dialogues: An Educational Approach to Healing and Reconciling
Relationships in Conflict"

Mark Farr
Excerpt from Chapter Ten:
"Changing the Conversation: Emerging Better Dialogue Practices
Seen Through Four Lenses"

Andrea Bartoli and Charles Gardner
Excerpt from Chapter Eleven:
"Dialogue and Mutual Encounter: The Practice of Interreligious Encounters"

Susan H. Allen
Excerpt from Chapter Twelve:
"Modes of Peacemaking Dialogue"

Ceasar L. McDowell
Excerpt from Chapter Thirteen:
"Dialogue and Demographic Complexity"

Peter Stearns
Excerpt from the Conclusion



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