In this section, friends of the Ikeda Center offer written reflections on topics central to our mission. These pieces are shorter and more informal than proper or more-traditional essays, and are intended to give readers a quick way to engage with important ideas relating to peace, learning, and dialogue.

Reflections On Our Core Convictions

To celebrate our 20th anniversary (in 2013), we asked prominent thinkers to comment on our core convictions. Contributers include people such as Joseph Nye, Anita Patterson, and many more reflecting on dialogue, dignity, human potential, and other peacebuilding essentials.
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Reflections On Dialogue

In late 2018, we published Peacebuilding Through Dialogue, a multi-author volume exploring diaogue in three contexts: education, personal and interpersonal transformation, and conflict resolution. In this section we share brief excerpts from each chapter that communicate the power and promise of dialogue.
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Reflections On the Future of Soka Education

As an outgrowth of our June 2017 seminar convening many leaders in the burgeoning field of soka (value-creating) education studies, we asked particpants to offer follow up reflections based on the themes from the seminar about they felt most excited about.
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Reflections On Daisaku Ikeda's Peace Proposals

In 2017 we launched a new section devoted to reflections on Daisaku Ikeda's peace proposals. This collection focuses on key themes from the 2017 peace proposal, looking at issues surrounding nuclear weapons abolition, human rights and youth dialogue, and global citizenship education.
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