Nuclear Abolition

The abolition of nuclear weapons has, from the start, been a core component of Daisaku Ikeda's global ethical vision. Nuclear abolition took on renewed vitality at the Ikeda Center during 2017 and 2018 when the feminist peace scholar Betty Reardon expressed interest in working with university students to explore the topic and further the cause. She had been inspired by Daiaku Ikeda's creative and hopeful approach to the topic, and thought young people would benefit from exposure to such thinking. Here, you will find articles relating to that project.

Students Lead Nuclear Abolition Peace Dialogue

On April 21, 2018, six Boston-area university students led a public dialogue called "Nuclear Abolition: Claiming Your Right to Live." Moderating a panel discussion with the students were peace educators Betty Reardon and Zeena Zakharia, who previously conducted two seminars on the topic with these and other Boston-area students.
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Student Seminar on Nuclear Abolition

The Ikeda Center hosted its first ever student peace seminar in October 2017. Facilitated by pioneering feminist peace educator Betty Reardon and Zeena Zakharia of UMass Boston, fifteen Boston-area university students engaged in creative problem solving aimed at abolishing nuclear weapons.
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Nuclear Weapons Abolition, Seminar Two

The second of two seminars on nuclear weapons abolition was held at the Ikeda Center on February 10, 2018. Peace educators Betty Reardon and Zeena Zakharia once again facilitated. Students envisioned paths to the entering into force of the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition on Nuclear Weapons.
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Betty Reardon: An Experiment in Alternative Thinking About Global Issues

Over the course of the spring/summer of 2017, the Ikeda Center worked with feminist peace educator and civil society activist Betty Reardon to plan a two-part seminar series for Boston-area university students. This essay shares the purposes guiding the learning experience.
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A Nuclear Disarmament Framework

Daisaku Ikeda's annual peace proposals consistently address the urgent matter of nuclear weapons disarmament. This resource outlines ten aspects for understanding and implementing Mr. Ikeda's multi-faceted approach to nuclear disarmament.
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Nuclear Abolition Resource Guide

Compiled by the student participants in the 2017-18 nuclear weapons abolition seminar series, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of organizations devoted to the cause of disarmament. These findings were presented at the April 21, 2018, seminar, Claiming Your Right to Live.
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