Dignity is always central to the work of dialogue, learning, compassion, and peace building. Therefore it's part of everything we do at the Ikeda Center. Starting in 2014, however, we started to focus on dignity as a primary topic, thus this new section.

Seminar: Dignity Re-Examined

In November of 2018 the Center convened its first gathering of established and emerging scholars to address the topic of "Reinvigorating Dignity in Displacement." In May of 2019, the Center convened its second gathering, this time called "Dignity Re-examined: A Dialogue Across Discourse Communities."
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Seminar: Dignity in Displacement

On November 2, 2018, the Ikeda Center hosted a seminar for established and emerging scholars called “Reinvigorating Dignity in Displacement: A Dialogue Across Educational Communities."
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2015 Ikeda Forum: The Practice of Dignity

The 2015 Ikeda Forum was called "The Practice of Dignity: What It Looks Like Today." Meenakshi Chhabra considered dialogue and dignity, Gail Thomas offered a personal call to action, and Peter Stearns looked at dignity in relation to US foreign policy.
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Donna Hicks Event: The Power of Dignity

Donna Hicks is author of Dignity: The Essential Role it Plays in Resolving Conflict. In her talk at the Ikeda Center on January 31, 2015, she shared findings from her many years' experience using the framework of dignity to help resolve conflicts worldwide.
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2014 Ikeda Forum: Dignity of Life

The 2014 Ikeda Forum was called "Dignity of Life: The Heart of Human Rights and Peace Building." Charlie Clements, Mari Fitzduff, and Andrea Bartoli shared insights from their respective experiences as human rights and conflict resolution scholars and activists.
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Donna Hicks Interview: "Dignity Is the Last Stop"

For two nearly decades Donna Hicks has been at the forefront of employing human dignity as a lens for resolving conflict and a tool for empowering individuals and organization to make positive change. Here she discusses how she came to the work of dignity, why it's important, and what she's learned from colleagues like Desmond Tutu.
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Taking Dignity Digital

Our Fall 2015 Northeastern University co-op student, Taylor Holland, wrote this original essay exploring the challenges and opportunities of pursuing "the practice of dignity" on social media.
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Videos: What Is Dignity?

During 2014 and 2015 we compiled a number of video reflections from members of our scholarly community. Lesley University's Meenakshi Chhabra talked about the unconditional worth of all life. Donna Hicks of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard talked about the relationship between leadership and dignity. Charlie Clements of Harvard Kennedy School talked about the relationship between dignity and human rights. And Andrea Bartoli of Seton Hall discussed dignity and conflict resolution.
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