THEMES: Social & Economic Justice

Lost in the post-9/11 environment of the U.S. was the fact that questions of social and economic justice remained as urgent as ever.

Social Justice in the 21st Century: What's It Going to Take?

In 2003, Linda Stout delivered the Center's Fannie Lou Hamer lecture on Economic Justice. She urged those seeking justice to focus on what they are for and not just what they are against.
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Globalization and the New 'Corpocracy'

"Corpocracy," writes Boston College professor of sociology Charles Derber, "is about money making money, a departure from the days when the economy was driven by producing useful goods."
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Beyond Consumerism: Constructing a Transformative Politics

This article reports from the second conference of the Center's 2001 economic justice series. Juliet Schor, James Twitchell, Douglas Holt and others debated the role and meaning of consumerism in modern society.
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Vincent Harding on the Complexity of Nonviolent Social Change

This 1996 interview with historian Vincent Harding addresses in detail the challenge of shifting America's culture of militarism and materialism to one of nonviolence and spiritual creativity.
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