A Window Into Our Work

Meenakshi Chhabra

Newly posted at the Soka Gakkai International website is an article by the Center's Mitch Bogen called "The Practice of Dignity," which looks at ways the 2015 Ikeda Forum provides a window into the ethos, work, and history of the Ikeda Center. With it's focus on dignity, writes Bogen, the 2015 forum got right to the heart of our work:

"The theme of dignity grounds the Ikeda Center’s vision statement, which was created based on Mr. Ikeda’s written messages to the center commemorating important milestones. The opening of the statement reads, 'The Ikeda Center envisions a world built on two essential attributes: first, a deep respect for the inherent moral equality and inviolable dignity of all persons; and second, an unshakeable conviction in the infinite potential of individuals to transform themselves and the world for the better.'

Read the full article at the SGI site.

Update 2-24: The article can now be read at the Ikeda Center site: In our About section and our Ikeda Forum section.

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