New Video! Johnny Lupinacci & the Art of Inclusive Teaching and Living

Johnny Lupinacci

In this new video interview, the acclaimed educator Johnny Lupinacci talks with the Ikeda Center's Anri Tanabe and Mitch Bogen on the diverse aspects of inclusively teaching for peace in both K - 12 and higher eduction settings. Dr. Lupinacci is Associate Professor of Cultural Studies and Social Thought in Education at Washington State University. He also contributed a chapter to the Center's new multi-author volume, Hope and Joy in Education: Engaging Daisaku Ikeda Across Curriculum and Context. Topics include: Stories as a Fruitful Mode of Engaging and Learning, Being Calm and Present in the Chaos, Celebrating and Orchestrating Diverse Classroom Energies, Self-Trust and the Path to Authentic Teaching, Being a Catalyst for Hope and Joy, and more.


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