Millennial Challenge: Appreciating the Uncertain

Participant at the December 2019 Dialogue Nights

Millennials are often called “the anxious generation”—and for good reason, said Center Program Manager Lillian I in her welcoming remarks for the fifth and final Dialogue Nights of 2019. There is no shortage of reasons for this generation of young people to be in a “constant state of panic,” observed Lillian: “living paycheck to paycheck, not being able to pay rent, will I ever be able to save enough money to buy a house or have my own family, what is the purpose of my life, and the list goes on.” Held on December 13th, the event was called “Millennial Challenge: Appreciating the Uncertain” and was attended by more than forty Boston-area university students and young professionals. It proceeded in true Dialogue Nights fashion, confronting head on an issue of deep concern for people in their 20s and 30s while engaging them in discussions that summon the potential for positive transformations.

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