Keith Motley Event

Keith Motley

The Ikeda Center’s first public event for 2012, held on Saturday, April 28, featured J. Keith Motley, 8th chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston), discussing the topic, “Education and Human Possibility.” The Center has been building a relationship with Dr. Motley since November 2010, when he headed a delegation from UMass Boston to Tokyo to sign an academic exchange agreement with Soka University of Japan and present Center founder Daisaku Ikeda with an honorary doctorate, his 300th honorary academic award.

As prelude to Dr. Motley’s lecture, Alex Aldarondo, a recent graduate of UMass Boston’s Graduate School of Education, discussed his personal journey from struggling student to professional educator with dreams of building and founding his own school in his native Puerto Rico.

Prefacing his lecture, Chancellor Motley said, “Needless to say, this is a daunting topic—it speaks to the very idea of being human, and the powers and capacities associated with that status.”

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