January Dialogue Nights Challenges Fear With Courage

Participants at the January 2020 Dialogue Nights

There is the courage of superheroes and soldiers at war. Blockbuster courage, let’s call it. Then there is the courage of everyday people living regular lives – lives that are nevertheless heroic in their own way, especially when they are defined by a refusal to be defeated by the inevitable challenges of life, and even more, when they manifest a commitment to the happiness and wellbeing of others. These were the kinds of qualities that were celebrated and explored during the first Dialogue Nights of 2020, held at the Ikeda Center on Friday, January 31. Called “We Can Do It! Challenging Fear With Courage,” the gathering featured more than forty-five Boston-area university students and young professionals engaging in the kind of “life-to-life” encounters that Daisaku Ikeda identifies as central to the creation of cultures of peace.

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