Ikeda Forum Photo Gallery!

Three Ikeda Forum presenters

On Friday, Oct 25th, more than 110 participants joined us for the 15th Annual Ikeda Forum: "Can Dialogue Save The World? Exploring the Power of Human Connections." Our heartfelt thanks to all who attended! This year's forum featured eight youth presenters who participated in a 5-6 month dialogue experiment with Boston-area scholars seeking to answer the question: "What kind of inner transformation does one experience through sustained dialogue with another informed by Daisaku Ikeda's philosophy?" The eight young professionals shared their findings and experiences at the forum, after which the attendees had the opportunity to practice dialogue in the same way. Here are some things the participants learned together about dialogue: "Dialogue can help you find your voice." "Dialogue enables us to experience our common humanity." "Listening is everything!" "Dialogue enables us to see yourself in another person." "Be curious about people around you." Stay tuned for the full write-up here on our site. Until then, you can view our photo gallery at our Facebook page!

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