Dignity Re-Examined

Elora Chowdhury

Over the last several years it has become apparent that nearly every topic or project the Ikeda Center turns its attention to requires a close consideration of the place of dignity within it. In other words, while dignity is a worthy topic in and of itself, digging into the particular meaning of dignity for scholars working in the various fields that comprise the movement toward peace and justice can enrich everyone’s appreciation for both the complexity of dignity in human affairs and the power of dignity as a driver of creative social change.

Working from this premise, the Center’s new initiative facilitating collaboration among established and emerging education scholars has taken dignity as its main focus of inquiry, with an emphasis on themes and imperatives in fields of human rights, social justice, and value-creating education. In November of 2018 the Center convened its first gathering of established and emerging scholars to address the topic of "Reinvigorating Dignity in Displacement." In May of 2019, the Center convened its second gathering, this time called "Dignity Re-examined: A Dialogue Across Discourse Communities."

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