2019 Peace Proposal!

[February 15, 2019] Center founder Daisaku Ikeda has just released the English translation of his 2019 Peace Proposal, "Toward a New Era of Peace and Disarmament: A People-Centered Approach." As with previous proposals, it combines thematic philosophical framing with specific policy proposals and action steps. In other words, how we see the world impacts how we act in it.

Here's how the three faming themes are described in the synopsis to the proposal, which you can access here.

The first is the need for a shared vision of what constitutes a peaceful society. I believe the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) is a forerunner of the kind of international disarmament law that can help frame such a vision, as it is a form of international law that goes beyond the traditional confines of disarmament treaties to attend to a wide range of essential human concerns. The next theme is the need to work together to foster “people-centered multilateralism.” This is an approach focused on protecting those who face the most serious threats and challenges.

Compared to questions of national security, the response to threats to the lives and livelihoods of individuals often lack urgency. Lack of basic security impacts not only those suffering from poverty or inequality but also the many people driven from their homes and forced to seek refuge from armed conflict or disaster. In this sense, the foundation for people-centered multilateralism must be the effort to build a world in which all people can enjoy a feeling of meaningful security and can together foster hope for the future.

The third theme is the mainstreaming of youth participation. As we survey the tasks that lie ahead, it is clear that nothing is more indispensable to arousing and sustaining global public interest and support than the powerful engagement of youth.

Here are excerpts from Mr. Ikeda's five specific policy proposals/action steps as presented in the synopsis:

  1. The first pertains to the early entry into force and expansion of the number of countries participating in the TPNW. I would like to propose the creation of a group of like-minded states to deepen and extend the debate that has developed during the process leading up to the adoption of the TPNW, with an eye toward promoting ratification.
  2. I would like to propose that a fourth special session of the General Assembly devoted to disarmament be held in 2021 as a follow-up to the 2020 NPT Review Conference. It should reconfirm the significance of multilateral disarmament negotiations and set the basic goals of major reductions in nuclear arsenals and a freeze on their modernization.
  3. My third proposal is to establish a legally binding instrument that prohibits all lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS). There is growing international concern that deployment of LAWS would radically transform the global security environment. One of the threats they pose is that they make it possible to wage combat without direct human intervention.
  4. I would like to suggest the creation of the post of special representative for water resources within the UN to coordinate global efforts to ensure access to safe water—a key goal of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the basis for protecting the life, livelihood and dignity of all.
  5. My fifth proposal is to strengthen momentum toward making the world’s universities hubs for the realization of the SDGs.

The synopsis concludes with Mr. Ikeda stating that "based on unwavering confidence in the limitless power of education and through our passionate commitment to the empowerment of youth, the SGI will strive to build a sustainable and peaceful global society where all can manifest their inherent dignity."

View the 2019 Peace Proposal here.

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