Three Ways of Looking at the Poetic Spirit

This poem was collaboratively composed by panelists Sarah Wider, Isaiah Moon, and Valentina Frasisti during planning sessions for the July 16, 2020, virtual panel discussion and dialogue event, “The Poetic Spirit: Our Power to Reconnect a Divided World.”

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I see you and I recognize you
in the ease of a sunny morning where all the possibilities rest, at least until 9am
when the heat rises but the birds still sing
when most are awaking, rubbing eyes, and gather their thoughts on all living things 
and trees' bark crumble, calling out our lymph 
We look to this day and wonder 
How can I coexist? Is it a decision or an action? 
Facing into the wind, I listen
the AC, the birds, the noise of all living things. What does breathing mean? 
As I look on I see the sunrise,
Giving me another day of reckoning 
of me as a human being

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