Participants' Dialogic Insights

Thoughts gathered at the conclusion of the 2019 Ikeda Forum: "Can Dialogue Save the World? Exploring the Power of Human Connections"

One more question makes a difference!! Be curious about people around you :)

I learned that I actually enjoy having dialogue with others. Although I always struggle with forming conversation with others. I enjoy learning so much about others’ profession, background and culture. Thank you Ikeda Center for an amazing night.

Tonight I learned that dialogue enables us to see yourself in another person.

The dialogue was amazing.
I like that if people are authentic, conversation feels natural.
Being open to dialogue and creating that space makes it easier to be vulnerable.
I had a great time during the dialogue.
We talked about where we each were from, and family.
There were a lot of things we had in common, which we wouldn’t have known without dialogue.
The conversation jumped around but was continuous.
This reminded me of how much I miss and enjoy just talking with people.

Our dialogue was open, with variety of diverse topics.
Dialogue makes our heart more rich, more happy, and fun.
Glad to meet a new friend!
Thank you Daisaku Ikeda for Ikeda Center!

Through dialogue, we can realize our own assumptions of what we believe is right. Rethinking these assumptions opens the way to be more compassionate about others. By this way, dialogue can lead to save the world.

Dialogue is the answer to so many of our ills in society!!! It’s amazing how close I felt to one of the persons I spoke to in my dialogue!! I so hope we can initiate dialogue programs in all the school systems and in many organization in America and all over the world!! I am a changed person in a very profound way by coming to the Ikeda Center today. I will alway be polishing my ability to dialogue and my intention towards a compassionate and respectful world!

If we listen deeply, we discover parts of ourselves reflected through others.

We spoke about where everyone is from, and what they do. This helped us to connect and ask follow-up questions about dialogue is important in dating, job, political world and culture.

I enjoyed spending the evening hearing about the challenges of having true dialogue. True dialogue allows us to connect with our fellow humans fully.

That everyone has suffering in common, even if its shape differs person to person. I also began to learn, in my group, that from our suffering, many of us find meaningful goals and paths to follow.

Being optimistic is good. It may take time but dialogue will lead to world peace (save the world). I want to believe in that.

Dialogue is beginning of the end to indifference. Dialogue is the beginning of the end to indifference. Dialog is the beginning to the end of indifference. Dialog is the beginning to the end of indifference.

Dialogue allows for ordinary people to express their extraordinary selves and stories.

Dialogue is positive. Curiosity is enriching. Sharing is healing and enlightening.

Share more deep connections with others.

Everyone has vulnerabilities that makes us human. Let’s all have joyful dialogue MANY OF THEM :)

Three people in open-hearted dialogue is very dynamic and fascinating.

I learned that the Ikeda Center is a place where an individual can connect with others through dialogue even without studying and learning a lot of difficult concepts. Also how Facebook influences Millennials in both negative and positive ways. Also when you encounter others the way the respond to you. Sometimes others do not want to dialogue. Changing the world is possible through dialogue but may take generations. Needs to be ongoing.

I learned how to better use my dialogue to work with my caregivers who all come from different walks of life.

I learn that dialogue is great. It good to talk to other and get to know them.

DIalogue can help you find your voice. Appreciate other people’s journeys.

By being open it unveiled the many connections that we share.

People are so interesting when you take a moment to talk with them! (& don’t be scared to talk with strangers even if you are an introvert!)

Dialogue is not always easy but it is always rewarding!

Learn how to be active listening.
Pay attention in the body language.
Understand the boundaries.
Cross Cultural difference.
Recognize feelings, emotional.
Confirmation/validation that education can save the world

Learn/practice how to open up without talking too much about myself/being too self-referential.

How easy it is to participate in dialogue when everyone involved is committed to the process and how quickly and easily we could move into deeper conversation and more intimate connections. Great potential to develop generous relationship.

Dialogue can remind me of what I already knew but forgot!
Dialogue let us be who we really are
This makes us connect each other as an individual who has story to be heard

I want to stop judging people when having dialogue.

The world feels a whole lot smaller when you are in conversation.

I learned that dialogue is therapeutic and nourishing for me. In order for dialogue to save our world, I as someone positively impacted by dialogue need to make constant, concerted efforts to truly engage other people in dialogue.


I really related to the Buddhist insight that if we can really listen, feel, empathize with the suffering of another, even when they have hurt us, we can transcend our suffering. I understand then that they could not have been any other way than how they express themselves now. I see their journey and my affection can start to arise.

When you have a dialogue, pay attention to body language.

How do we train young people to dialogue?

Dialogue is FRACTAL

Truly care about the person we’d like to help. Share my experience. Have the courage to begin.

Dialogue moves the mind and the hearts of the people.


By “responding” quickly to one another’s ordinary questions that come by text, for example, we are showing we care, and that is/creates dialog vs. waiting to respond without full answer.
How often are we actually listening, and not preparing what we want to say next?
How is dialogue uniquely human? So much of human communication is not just what we say, but how we say it, express through our bodily actions.
“A common humanity” requires us to recognize the negotiation of wanting to express ourselves and allowing others to be heard. Both require unconditional dedication.

Dialogue, even between total strangers, can create unity and comfort if its participants are willing to listen and speak to our unique experiences. We have more in common than we think even if we don’t share backgrounds, political views…etc.

There is a need for us to create a culture of dialogue. This is a movement and it will take time, and patience and commitment is key. Peace is not a goal, it’s a process!

I learned a little bit about _____ and her small steps to help the planet. I learned about _____ and his passion on fashion design, and I learned about _____, and how with his medical condition on a leg, keep working and is here tonight.

That dialogue in true form is transcending of class, race, religion and other such challenges.

I want to hesitate less in sharing my feelings with some of the people closest to me.

Many many unknown things from people!

Curiosity and expression. Appreciation for all

Dialogue enables us to experience our common humanity.

Listening is everything!

We need to create a culture of dialogue = one community at a time = one less lonely person = human-to-human = start from a place of empathy

Being silent can also be dialogue.

It’s pleasing and enjoyable to connect with other humans.

Asking questions makes deeper connections. Connections make life beautiful and full of wonder.

Set/setting can influence how open people feel.

I want to stop judging people while having dialogue. Dialogue...opening up, taking chances, sharing your truth…is fun!
Importance of being honest in dialogue
Dialogue helps to remind you what you already know.

Dialogue allows us to connect to people, whether we knew them or not, and find common ground on interests, unanswered questions or even learn together. Humans are the only animals that have the use of language and therefore of dialogue. Let’s use it to improve the world.

Joy can be a basis for empathy.

How you ask a question isn’t what’s important. It’s how you respond to their response.

Asking questions but then really listening to the answers and following up begins the dialogue flow.

Thank you presenters
“Stay true to our voice and who we are and we can create breakthroughs in our environment.” from presenter (Isaiah)
“There is potential to become a better human being with every dialogue.” from presenter (Prachi)

Dialogue is one big muscle. Even though we don’t have confidence to have a good dialogue, don’t worry! We can train dialogue muscle in daily life!!

Dialogue helps open our minds to things that we think we already know, but we don’t!

I learned:
A new story
A new narration of a known story
That’s always worth to make a cause to meet people


Let the person finish. Then they’ll have the space to listen. (Don’t be so hard on yourself for talking too much while working to be a better listener)

Dialogue helped me to be more of a listener. Also enjoying the company of the other people you are dialoguing with you!

Dialogue can be fun. I need to stop my tendencies of being home alone.


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