Practicing Human Rights In Everday Life

Ideas from Attendees of the 2018 Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue


Spread, share, give love.

Speak up against injustice around us: spread the word.

Create self awareness about human rights UN Declaration to understand subtle human rights being violated by me/by others that goes unnoticed.

Think more about practical consequences of violation of human rights of people (step in their shoes and think)

Research practical solutions to human rights violation (offices, lawyers, foundations, organizations)

To remove all acts of “othering” in interacting with others

When there is love human rights comes naturally.

Have compassion for others like you want people to have compassion for yourself.

Use the heart. We can be different from one another, but we all have a heart.

Live your values. Organize to bring them to the forefront. Listen and learn. Respect others. Speak out! Support others who speak out. Let your light shine. Be the peace you want to see.

Be courageous to imagine a world of love, peace, and prosperity for all and connect without bias and fight for all to have a life of dignity and freedom.

Become a kinder person.

Coming from a place that every human being is a valuable entity.

The value of my life will be determined by the value I create within.

I attempt to live a dignified life every day.

Get involved in a local community development initiative.

To treasure the person in front of me.

I will keep an open heart and mind to challenge my “norms” and embrace what is “different.” I will read, watch documentaries, travel, talk to people, and constantly seek to learn more about our world and humans that inhabit it.

Attend conference on human rights.

Try to remember we are family and respect one another. Tomorrow, I’ll see my friends and share what I learned tonight.

Be kinder to my family and myself.

I pledge to not be a bystander when I see injustice and to lift up those with less privilege than myself.

Living with hope. No fear to live.

Continue to work with my students to co-create a classroom and college where all of the members of the community are valued and respected.

Monitor my own judgements, assumptions and prejudices about my fellow human beings. Open the door to my own life and my heart, so that I may come to know another’s life.

As an educator, bring the world into the classroom helping students to broaden their horizons.

Love: I will raise my awareness of human rights. Expand to include understanding, acceptance, curiousity about others. This curiosity overrides my fears of differences.

Be kind and try to come from a place of understanding.

Listen to develop a greater sense of empathy. Hear what others want to be done next.

I love you! Stand up to injustice! Be who you want to be! The power of love is greater than hate. Let us love each other as one would love thyself. Smile! Respect!

Take responsibility. Don’t play victim. Take ownership.

Find our passion and join a local effort.

No fear. Listen. Be open.

I will be a great (patient, sensitive, kind) listener!

Be connected or make connection with people who are different than you. Live by example and be intentional with our words and actions. Be mindful of others.

Share the love politics. Smash the patriarchy! Cultivate planetary consciousness! Life is interdependent! Justice!

Look at the other as myself. Ask questions, hold judgement. Be open. Be kind and put yourself in the other’s shoes. We are all vulnerable. Don’t be a bystander.

I will listen to everyone with my entire focus even when I begin to disagree until I can connect with them on a new understanding. I will learn something from them I never knew before.

Speak up to those that have an “us vs. them” mentality.

I will encounter everyone with compassion: people, animals, and plants!

I will notice my fear and unfamiliarity and, despite that, compassionately consider others’ fears and desires, knowing that they are deserving of dignity just as, and because, I am.

Uphold the right to education. Get out of comfort zone. Put yourself in someone’s shoes. Open-minded. Support. Recognition of dignity of everyone. Compassion. Respect. Listening. Human rights includes rights of all living beings (including animals).

I pledge to not let the demands of job, studies, and personal trajectory interfere with what is best for each person around me, as they define what is their own course of action.

Everyone is deserving of respect! See each person as yourself. Know your rights to speak up! Get to know the person who’s very different from myself. Great talk on Human Rights! Thank you Ikeda Center!

I pledge to create a classroom environment where all students have a right to voice their ideas/beliefs and have the assurance that their ideas/beliefs will be respected.

Engage in dialogue.

I will expand embracing and respecting others as they are--their political views, the way they raise their kids.

I pledge to show respect and give dignity to whoever I encounter.

I pledge to become less judgmental and to be more open to others with a diversity of experiences.

I pledge to raise my awareness of human rights and appreciate the rights I have and take for granted; put myself in other’s shoes.

I will be more welcoming and more embracing.

Acknowledge my privilege and share my platform.

Deconstruct polarizing environments to build a safe environment for constructive dialogues.

Start to take action at work that supports others to create sustainable change in their lives in both the micro and the macro.

Don’t be judgmental. Put self in another’s position.

Ensure all humans are represented at whichever table you sit. Compassion.

Be a better listener.

To recognize my place in the world. If I find myself in privilege, to share it, and if I find myself in persecution or find others in suffering, to speak up and fight for justice.

Listen. Acknowledge my privilege and use the voice it gives me to advocate and organize for the rights of others. Love, kindness, and compassion are only the first steps.

Become a human rights educator. When I am discussing social justice with peers make the connection to human rights.

Determinations of how I will help create a culture of human rights:

  1. Listen without judgement and ask questions with curiosity.
  2. Speak truth out when faced with inequality and microaggressions.
  3. Reach out to others with kindness and respect.

A world of human rights is a place where people can truly be free to self determine, irregardless of standard ethical or moral views. I pledge to promote the lives of people who are different than me.

Stop living in my head. Remember everyone has feelings and treat them how you would want to be treated. Extend personhood to other species and extend rights to them. Tread lightly on the earth. Don’t walk on your friends. Respect them.

Speak out against an injustices I see.

Listen. Be respectful. Be helpful when someone is in need.

Join a community organization.

Speak up when I witness any human rights violation.

I plan to encourage every person I encounter on a daily basis and ensure they feel hope for their future. I will continue to take a leadership role in my community and make sure the youth and disenfranchised people are respected and have an opportunity to lead a life.

Raise awareness to begin. Listen to others’ stories.

Don’t judge. Listen! Respect. Join hands with others. Get into the shoes of others!

Listen to understand.

Become a more and more respectful and compassionate listener. Commit myself to lifetime learning. Support and empower youth!

Everyday choose words of nonviolence.

As an education administrator, I am deeply privileged to influence future citizens by creating an environment that articulates the UDHR. This is my plan -- not just for tomorrow but every day. Article 28. Persistent connection through dialogue. Compassion. Empathy.

I will acknowledge and validate the experiences of those around me and show love -- no matter if I have shared those experiences or not.

Continue putting daily Buddhist or humanistic practice to work in my everyday life, even when I have to go beyond my comfort level (which is often), yet without putting my physical or emotional health in jeopardy due to stress.

Live with hope.

Invite more people to have dialogues with, especially those who I may disagree with.

Neighborhood discussion/dialogue groups to listen, truly listen empathetically to others. To cultivate wisdom, compassion, and love! To teach our young through words and most importantly through example that respecting the dignity of all human beings is foundational for creating peace in the world!

Develop the ability to look at life from the other person’s perspective: what fear they may have; what stresses they might be encountering; what motivation they are operating under.

I’m committed to treating others with empathy as a means to evoke dialogue and understanding. I won’t shy away from the topic of human rights as I span across political borders and religious borders.



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