Actions to Break Gender Stereotypes

During the final dialogue session of the July 27, 2018, Dialogue Nights, participants recorded ideas for breaking gender stereotypes on flash cards. Here's what they said.

Step 1: Provide opportunities for people to change up their environment completely and work with others they don’t know to accomplish a task or challenge together. (Like a camp retreat? School exchange?)

Step 2: In the task/challenge, a requirement would be to learn about, identify, and discuss arbitrary rules that separate the group and assign roles or advantages unfairly, to force the issue of questioning and reflecting on societies’ rules and norms.

Step 3: Reinforce with repeated opportunities from youth to adulthood.

* * *

We need more multi-generational dialogue on: “failing our boys” and “sexualizing our girls”

* * *

Stop brushing off the “boys just being boys” behavior and start addressing the bad behavior!

* * *

Fight for representation! No more “boys will be boys”

* * *

Take responsibility for your own feelings and assumptions.

Be OK with who you are.

Be patient. There’s a learning curve.

* * *

Follow the Men Engage Alliance online.

Subscribe to Voice Male Magazine.

Read The Man Box report by Promundo.

* * *

Be a Human.

* * *

Have enough respect for myself and my humanity to self-reflect, confront my biases, listen, and lead with inclusivity.

* * *

To make this possible, it starts with each person internalizing and living this idea of dignity with their daily behavior. We make human dignity by our actions.


  • deconstruct within our hearts all of the oppressive forces from the outside
  • lead with inclusivity — include the perspectives of people at the margins & intersectionality; don't ignore systems of oppression and how they overlap on people’s lived experience (racism, sexism, nativism, classism, etc.)
  • don’t assume someone’s gender
  • understand that this will take a long time seek different opinions to learn and dialogue

Vision all can be met where they are

Listen, be okay with vulnerability perhaps we can be vulnerable first

[Build] a world where we don’t just judge and strip someone’s identity down to one aspect of them alone

* * *

Not being judgemental about the way we think about a particular gender. Being open to their unique self.

Not stating ‘Oh, men are that way’; rather, thinking “They probably picked up from society."

In the long run, with dialogue and advancements, hopefully, there will be changes in every genre of industry (IT, Politics, Media, etc.)

* * *

To change our society, I will have courage to stand up and live with happiness & conviction as my true self! And engage others to do the same.

* * *

Change the currency.

Introduce and support group transformation through helping others as a group.

Document and promote the success of Peace, rewarding each contributor with thanks, attention and credit.

* * *

Be VERY careful about what norms I impose on my children, how I talk about gender with my children, and what choices I give my children. I want them to be free from the constraints and harmful ideas about gender my generation grew up with. SHOW EVERYONE STEVEN UNIVERSE!



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