Table of Contents

Educating Citizens for Global Awareness

Daisaku Ikeda

Virginia Benson

Introduction: Global Citizenship: Promises and Problems
Nel Noddings

Chapter 1: Gender Perspectives on Educating for Global Citizenship
Peggy McIntosh

Chapter 2: The Integration of Conflict Resolution into the High School Curriculum: The Example of Workable Peace
Stacie Nicole Smith and David Fairman

Chapter 3: Place-Based Education to Preserve the Earth and its People
Nel Noddings

Chapter 4: Differing Concepts of Citizenship: Schools and Communities as Sites of Civic Development
Gloria Ladson-Billings

Chapter 5: Incorporating Internationalism into the Social Studies Curriculum
Stephen J. Thornton

Chapter 6: A Letter To Secondary Teachers: Teaching About Religious Pluralism in the Public Schools
Robert J. Nash

Chapter 7: A Changing Vision of Education
Nancy Carlsson-Paige and Linda Lantieri

Conclusion: What Have We Learned?
Nel Noddings

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