Abolishing War

Dialogue with Peace Scholars Elise Boulding and Randall Forsberg

Developed and published by the Boston Research Center for the 21st Century (now the Ikeda Center), 1998

Read a post-9/11 dialogue update here

In these dialogues, which emerged from a Center seminar series that featured Forsberg and Boulding, we experience the thoughtfulness and moral awareness that made both of them influential figures in contemporary peacemaking. Focusing on cultures and institutions, these innovative thinkers posit two different but complementary approaches to building peace and ending war. Their dialogues, along with seminar participant responses and invited commentaries, are useful for students of the peace process--both inside and outside of classrooms--as a stimulus for discussion and action.

In his foreword to the book Saul Mendlovitz asserts, "When the pantheon of significant figures who contributed to the dismantling of the war system is chronicled by historians in the middle of the twenty-first century, Elise Boulding and Randall Forsberg will undoubtedly be in the first tier. ....Each of them has been innovative and creative in identifying fundamental ways of thinking and acting in this domain. ...The essays [in Abolishing War] possess shrewd insights linking scholarly materials to contemporary political, social, and cultural life, as well as security and military matters."

NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE! ABOLISHING WAR UPDATE A lively dialogue between Elise Boulding and Randall Forsberg, conducted August 2002, brings Abolishing War into a post-9/11 context. To read this discussion, please click here.

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