Vision & Mission


The Ikeda Center envisions a world built on two essential attributes: first, a deep respect for the inherent moral equality and inviolable dignity of all persons; and second, an unshakeable conviction in the infinite potential of individuals to transform themselves and the world for the better. Such a world will be a creative and peaceful one, characterized by deep awareness of the interconnection of all life, a profound commitment to mutual understanding, and a steadfast rejection of violence as a means of settling conflicts.


Our mission is to build cultures of peace through learning and dialogue inspired by Buddhist humanism.

What We Do

The Ikeda Center explores and promotes the ideas and convictions that, if widely accepted and acted on, will lead to a significantly more peaceful, harmonious, and flourishing world in the decades to come.

Since 1993, our core practice has been to engage scholars, students, spiritual practitioners, social innovators, and others in open-hearted and open-minded dialogue in pursuit of a shared vision for future progress and well being. To this end, we organize and conduct seminars and public forums designed to cultivate the "humble willingness to learn from others" that Center founder Daisaku Ikeda identifies as "profoundly meaningful, invariably fostering deep, empathetic connections." We also publish dialogue and other multi-author books focused on this same goal of creating a shared vision for global well being.

A central aspect of our mission is to bring Daisaku Ikeda's Buddhist humanism and contemporary expression of Soka, or "value creating," education and philosophy into conversation with the ideas of influential thinkers worldwide who share our commitment to fostering the values that will 1) benefit all the people of the world, regardless of their religion, race, or country of origin, and 2) preserve the planet that sustains us.

We also invite scholars and others to share with us ideas they are passionate about that resonate well with our own ideals. These contributions can take the form of interviews, guest essays, or video commentaries—all of which can be viewed at the Center's website. Additionally, the Center's Education Fellows program encourages original scholarship on various dimensions of the practice, pedagogy, and/or philosophy of Soka education.

Daisaku Ikeda's message to the Center written to honor the 2009 publication of our dialogue book on the American Renaissance, Creating Waldens, expressed our mission well: "My hope is that the Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning, and Dialogue will lead the effort to create . . . spiritual sanctuaries of life-affirming dialogue, where we can heal the wounds of the alienated lesser self and open pathways to our true self, the greater self, with its unlimited capacity for empathy. From such Waldens, I am confident that a mighty river of peace will flow—a flood of respect and reverence for the inherent dignity of humanity."

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