David Hay

Assistant Treasurer

As Assistant Treasurer, David supports the finance, accounting, and administration for the Ikeda Center. David also serves as the Director of Accounting for the East Territory at SGI-USA.  David’s prior work includes V-Day, William Morris Agency, and Paramount Pictures. He holds a MBA in finance from the University of San Francisco and is passionate about grassroots activism in racial, class, and gender equality. David plays jazz music and is an avid reader.

The following quote from “Shaping a New Society” by Lawrence Lau and Daisaku Ikeda inspires his sense of purpose:

For a Buddhist practitioner, attaining Buddhahood merely for oneself is not the ultimate objective. On a much deeper level, it is to embrace the Buddha’s great desire as one’s own and engage in the grand, altruistic undertaking to eliminate suffering as a life-long mission. The sense of altruistic compassion is the heart and soul of Nichiren Buddhism.

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