Daisaku Ikeda Honored at UMass Boston

Center Founder Joins the Peacemakers Table Fellowship

On the Monday following the September 28th twentieth anniversary event, Mr. Hiromasa Ikeda, Dr. Qu Delin, and members of the Ikeda Center staff went to the University of Massachusetts Boston to attend the official opening of the peacemakers table, a key component of the Peace Abbey Archives, which were donated in 2012 to the university’s Center and Archives for Peace, Social Action, Public Policy, and the Arts.

UMass Provost Winston Langley invited Mr. Hiromasa Ikeda to participate in the ceremony, which also marked the induction of Daisaku Ikeda’s name into the assemblage of great peacemakers who are honored with plaques around the edge of the tabletop. Among those names is Mother Theresa, who once sat at the table when she visited the Peace Abbey, then located in Sherborne, Massachusetts. The table is named for Elise Boulding, friend of the Ikeda Center, dialogue partner of Daisaku Ikeda, and pioneer in the fields of peace and women's studies.

In his remarks, Provost Langley recounted many of Mr. Ikeda’s contributions to global peace, including his UN Peace Proposals, his commitment to conducting dialogues across cultural and political divides, his founding of several institutions devoted to peace building and humanistic education, and his commitment to humanistic religion at a time when many humanists dismiss religion and choose to focus only on science. Mr. Ikeda understands that both systems of thought and being are needed in our search for meaning, said Langley. Dr. Qu and Mr. Ikeda also offered remarks attesting to Daisaku Ikeda’s tireless commitment to dialogue that will increase the happiness and well being of all people.

Mr. Ikeda has strong ties to UMass Boston. In November 2010, a delegation from the university traveled to Tokyo to sign an academic exchange agreement with Soka University of Japan, as well as to present a Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa, to Mr. Ikeda, who founded the Ikeda Center, as well as educational institutions such as Soka University of America in California. The honorary doctorate marked his 300th academic award from universities and institutions of higher learning worldwide.

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