Spotlight: Steven Rockefeller on Dignity & Humanism

Steven Rockefeller speaking

Over the last few months our work has focused specifically on human dignity. But dignity is always near the heart of our work, no matter the time or topic. Philosophically speaking, dignity is a core aspect of the Buddhist humanism that undergirds all our endeavors and inquiries. In his opening lecture at the 2009 Ikeda Forum, Dr. Steven Rockefeller identified dignity as one of the values that unites the humanistic philosophies of Center founder Daisaku Ikeda and American philosopher John Dewey:

"There is agreement between Dewey and Ikeda on the general meaning of the term humanism as they use it. First of all, their humanism is founded on a deep respect for the dignity and equal worth of each and every woman and man, girl and boy. Second, in their view a humanist is someone who is first and foremost concerned with the problems of people and with human development both individual and social. Third, their brand of humanism involves a basic faith in the possibilities of human nature and the capacity of human beings to deal with the challenges of life."

Read the entire lecture here.


[Posted by M. Bogen, 3-13-15]

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