Special Holiday Season Book Offer!

Now, through January 31, we are offering all of our Dialogue Path Press titles for just $7.95 each. That's five dollars off the already low price of $12.95 per book! These titles feature Daisaku Ikeda engaging in discussions with eminent scholars on key topics in peace, learning, and dialogue. Highlights from the series include Mr. Ikeda's dialogue with Vincent Harding, America Will Be!, which examines the meaning and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement, and Living As Learning, which explores resonances between John Dewey's pragmatic philosophy and the soka, value-creating philosophy that guides all of our work. America Will Be! won the Society of Professors of Education (SPE) book award for 2014, and Living As Learning won the 2015 Critics Choice Book Award from the American Educational Studies Association. The sale applies only to domestic sales of Dialogue Path Press titles purchased at the Ikeda Center site. (At right, Into Full Flower, the last publication authored by the late peace studies pioneer Elise Boulding.)

Purchase reduced-price Dialogue Path Press titles here!

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