Law Not War! Nuremberg Prosecutor Benjamin Ferencz Shares Wisdom

Ben Ferencz portrait

The only surviving prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trials, Benjamin Ferencz has devoted his life to the creation of a peaceful world in which the rule of law triumphs over the rule of power. After Nuremberg, Mr. Ferencz commited himself to the creation of world law, and was among those responsible for the creation of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in 1998. This is a major achievement, but Ferencz cautions us that the work will remain incomplete until all states accept that they do not have “a sovereign right to wage war,” and that the ICC has the capacity to prosecute “illegal armed force as a crime against humanity.” During an April 30 visit to the Ikeda Center, Mr. Ferencz engaged in dialogue with staff and shared wisdom from his many decades of experience urging us on toward a more humane world. He has two core pieces of advice: Law not war! and Never give up!

Read key excerpts from the dialogue here.

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