Donna Hicks Event: the Power of Dignity

Hicks Event Audience

When Donna Hicks first hit on the concept of dignity as a way to understand conflict, she learned two things fast. One was that people were very receptive to the concept and eager to use the lens of dignity to understand the conflicts they were in and the pain they were feeling. The other was that, despite the near universality of agreement that dignity is crucial, most of us share a pretty shallow understanding of what it is and how it impacts us. With this awareness, Hicks set out to research, understand, and apply dignity in the context of her work as a conflict resolution specialist to organizations, communities, and countries. Dr. Hicks shared many of her findings with a capacity crowd that gathered at the Ikeda Center’s Cambridge meeting space on a cold but clear late January day that landed, fortunately, right in between two massive snowstorms.

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