2011 Ikeda Forum: Marinoff, Diller, and Lerner

The 2011 Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue, called "Cultivating the Greater Self," featured presentations from Lou Marinoff of City College of New York, Bernice Lerner of Hebrew College, and Ann Diller of the University of New Hampshire. The speakers responded to Daisaku Ikeda's Buddhist vision of the greater self as always seeking "ways of alleviating the pain, and augmenting the happiness, of others, here, amid the realities of everyday life. Go here to read about the event.

Lou Marinoff: Poison Into Medicine -- the Hallmark of the Greater Self

Ann Diller: What Are You Saying? The Greater and Lesser Self in Dialogue

Bernice Lerner: Realizing Harmony and Peace -- A Disposition of Choice

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