Jeff Farr

Editorial Manager

jfarr [at]

Jeff is Editorial Manager at the Ikeda Center, serving as lead editor on all book projects, including our Dialogue Path Press titles. Jeff worked as a writer and editor at SGI-USA publications for twelve years before joining the Center in December 2007. He earned his MA in Film Studies from the University of Arizona in 1990, and taught sociology courses on film and popular culture at Arizona State University. Jeff remains a dedicated film lover and reviewer.

Jeff appreciates this insight from Vincent Harding, which Dr. Harding expressed in his book-length dialogue with Daisaku Ikeda, America Will Be! (p. 192):

"It may be that we should not try to describe the future simply in ordinary prose, scientific paragraphs, or straight statements of proof. Maybe we should express it in poetry because this may be the best bridge we have between that which exists and that which is yet to come."

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