About the Ikeda Center

Harvard Yard

The Ikeda Center is a nonprofit institute for peace, learning, and dialogue located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just steps from Harvard University. Since 1993, the Center has held events and created publications that engage diverse scholars, activists, and social innovators in the search for the ideas and solutions that will assist in the peaceful evolution of humanity. The Ikeda Center is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

Our founder, Daisaku Ikeda, has bequeathed us the following mottos:

  • Be the heart of a network of global citizens
  • Be a bridge for dialogue between civilizations.
  • Be a beacon lighting the way to a century of life.

Our Vision and Mission are grounded in our belief in the inviolable dignity of each individual and faith in our potential to transform the world for the better.

Seven core convictions express our values and guide our work.

Our history is one of enaging scholars and the public around humanistic themes in education and peace building.

Learn more about our staff here.

Our Education Fellows program supports doctoral work relating to Soka, or value creating, education.

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These resources relate to our core values and objectives, and wider community.

This video introduces the mission, vision, and activities of the Ikeda Center. Many of the speakers in this clip are featured in Thinkers & Themes.

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